Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Room 101:Are push ups supposed to be this hard?

Today's Article: Interview with 2006 Olympian Kris Freeman

So everyone needs a control group, so here is what I will consider a good diabetics average day.

Morning BGS: 156 (goal 100-130)
Lantus: 30 units
Humolog: 3 units.
One of the goals here is to be using less and less insulin.

Breakfast (8:00): Low Sugar Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal(22 g carbs), peaches (7 g carbs), Coffee.
Planned Snack: Apple around 11:00
Activity:30 push ups 30 cross leg situps (on each side)

This felt really weird I was able to whip these out pretty quickly. They were challenging this A.M. and that doesn't make me feel so hot. Prior to having diabetes I was able to whip out three times that amount out pretty quickly, but I actually feel a little tight and a little winded (must be the cigarettes, will have to do something about that)

Slept okay last night, did a little relaxtion yoga (15 minutes) before bed. By the way you don't have to pay $75 for a yoga box set. I got this one out a bin a Ross. Been having some trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Can't figure out if it's because I hate my job, stress or just not taking care of myself.

Well "hate" is not the right word in regards to my job . It's just no longer challenging.

Just a note here, a common misconception about Type 1 diabetics is that you can't have sugar. You can (even ice cream and cake), except you have to adjust insulin and watch the amount that you eat.

Also, you have to understand that Carbs turn into sugar. So you have to watch them as carbs are part of a healthy diet. I had a girlfriend once, she got a kidney infection from skipping the carbs.

9:45 Am BGS: 240! (Goal: Under 160) What the HELL did I do I wrong? I read the damn labels on the packages. Okay my insulin ration 1 unit insulin to 30 points. I did 5 units of humolog with breakfast, so I am gonna try too more and see what happens. Pain the ass.

7 units for 29 carbs, that seems high but okay.

Got Hungry had an Gala Apple +1 unit of insulin.

Alright started getting a little dizzy had lunch BGS: 127 Tuna Sandwhich (36 carbs Bread and Topping). The problem with being high and having to manually adjust your insulin levels is that you can also shoot low. 0=comatoast. I have a real strong fear of that, the main reason why excersize is difficult. It can shoot you all the way down to nothing. Also low blood sugars are a feeling of contorted euphoria. Like XTC mixed with cheap liquor and coca-cola. Thoughts cease, sweating (Which I will get back too) profusely,

Fun Fact the Average Jamba Juice has 90 grams of carbs and 60 grams of sugar.

See it is good for you... if you run a lot.

Tuesdays are tricky. I have to go from Burbank to West LA and back during rush hour. The 405 Freeway is one of the most congested god forsakjen places in the world. If Aliens landed and torched the Getty Center, no would be frightened just pissed off.

"What is it today?" They spend millions maintaining these roads, but very few pennies for public transportation. Life moves fast, my car or alternate transportation should too.

I had to take it coming home from a part ythe other night... a 30 minute drive took 2 HOURS... I got home at 1:30. In any case due to lack of food you could get low. Solution always keep a can of Welche's Grape Soda in the car. Not only does it taste great and shoots you back, as Larry King, would say you can enjoy the French Paradox.

No time for food and usually make this my McDonalds day. I am going to try a balance bar of some sort and see if that will tide me over.


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