Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stress can tweak you out.

It is a common fact that Stress (like being in a car accident) can make your sugars higher. In Los Angeles stress is hard to avoid.

Case in Point, After four years on my job I get a new job offer that I am very excited about. It creates a bit of a brohahaha at work and I am electric by the end of the day when I have to jump in my car and shoot down to my diabetic therapists office which goes through the worst part of driving in town. With a three hour journey late in day can drop you down to nothing. I SHOULD have a Balance Bar or something of that nature to get me through until I can have a balanced meal.

I don't do this. Why? Stress makes you do stupid things. You get tweaky and you crave comfort, whether it's a cigarette, a cocktail, chocolate... everyone has there own way of getting instand gratification,,, In my case

I order a number four at McDonald's (CARBS UNKOWN.. PROBABLY A FRICKING TON) shoot about seven units and take off down the 405. Which, for once, was a quite a pleasant trip.I had pre-trip anxiety.

I then proceed to CPG's house for a small celebration with Champagne. After nearing the end of the bottle I test at a 160... not so bad. I do know that alchohol (some more than other's) will drop you in the middle of the night.So i feel like I need to carb up a bit before going to sleep. So I have a few bites of ice cream,

Im tired and CPG starts a in depth conversation with that I can feel myself getting more and more iritable throughoutt that I am completely riled up... almost in insane,, childlike. She gives me some Kava Tea and rubs some weirdo eucalyptus thing on my face that zonks me out in just a few minutes. Welcome to Los Angeles,

I awake to to to a raging 260 meaning that about the time I went insance I was probably at a 400.

7 units immediately, I go home 30 push up 30 situps (each side), 30 units base. PEaches and Low-Sugar Oatmeal for breakfast This puts me at a good 125 for lunch. Turkey Burger 38 carbs four units.

Just as my boss is calling me in for the counter offer on the job offer (which by the way SUCKED! I gave notice,) I start to dip. Dipping is something you can panic about easily a couple of pieces of chocolate got me going for a bit more.

Home: BGS 200 I do two units, Meet some friends one slice of pizza and four units more (more on Pizza Later)

Currently at 130..

Pizza can skyrocket you fairly quickly... maybe I am getting the hang of this.

EXTRA READING Type 1 Bicycle racing from San Diego to New Jersey this summer.


Blogger Greg Mills said...

Dude, diabetes SUCKS. I had no idea.

(Which is a good reason to continue the blog.)

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